Is your IBC fleet compliant?

Department of Transportation 49 CFR 180.352


2.5 years
At 2.5 years (30 months):
The external condition must be inspected
The proper functioning of service equipment must be checked
The IBC shall be checked to ensure it complies in all respects to its design type specification.
Pressure tested to ensure no leaks

5 years
At 5 years (60 months):
Conformity to the design type, inclusive of the marking requirements.
Internal and external condition
The proper functioning of service equipment
Metal thickness tested to ensure passes minimum requirements.


At intervals not exceeding 2.5 years, the IBC shall be leak tested, with the normal bottom primary closure in place, with IBC joints coated in soap solution.
It is used for carriage of liquids, or
It is used for the carriage of solids and those solids are filled or discharged under pressure.


Under the requirements which generally relate to additional marking requirements of a newly made IBC, the IBC shall be marked:
After the above periodic inspection with the date (month and year) of the inspection (which may replace the date marking of earlier inspection).


If a unit fails 2.5 or 5 year inspection it can no longer be used for the transportation of hazardous materials.


Details of the above inspections and tests shall additionally be recorded by the owner of the IBC and retained until at least the next inspection or test, and shall identify the party undertaking the inspection and/or testing. These records must be made available for inspection.