IBC Pick-Up Program
Premier Container offers a One-Way Composite (Bottle in a Cage) IBC Tote Pick-Up program which offers to pick-up your Reconditionable IBCs.

IBC Pick-Up Program Guidelines

1) Do you have 60 IBCs? In order to pay the most amount per IBC we need to maximize the collection of IBCs per truck, if we can get 60 IBCs per pickup this will provide the highest payback to you.

2) Are Containers RCRA Empty? Containers need to be certified RCRA empty and if previous contents included a pesticide or any ACUTE hazardous substance, they must be Triple Rinsed.

3) Are Containers Sealed? All original plugs, covers and rings must be secure.

4) Are Containers Labeled with Original Labels showing Prior Contents? Original labels showing prior contents and also any information regarding prior contents╩╝ hazards.

5) This B.O.L. will be provided at the time of pick up request. No other Bill of Lading is allowed.

6) MSDS and a Empty Container Certification (ECC) must be faxed to Premier Container Inc. prior to Collection.