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We’ve all heard of carbon footprints, but do you know your company’s water footprint? It benefits both your wallet and the environment to keep track of your company’s operational and supply chain water footprint. An honest assessment of your starting point will show where you can save water and save money. Calculate your company’s water footprint here.

You may be wasting water because of your company’s choice of storage container. While traditional barrels can get the job done, an IBC, or intermediate bulk container, is a better choice for storing and transporting goods. IBCs can hold between 180 and 550 gallons – up to ten times the storage of traditional 55 gallon barrels, which dominated the 20th century and became the symbol of toxic waste in the 1970s and 80s. When you use one IBC instead of multiple barrels to ship the same amount of material, you’re saving resources – cutting down on your water and carbon footprints.

Generally, barrels are single-use, and IBCs can be reused again and again. This is because IBCs allow the product to drain out of it, instead of leaving behind leftover product in barrels. And when the IBCs are at the end of their lifespans, they can easily be recycled into other products, since they are made from carbon steel, plastic, and stainless steel.
Premier Container offers a water-conscious choice for IBCs. Our filtration system recycles the water we use to clean IBCs – not only are the IBCs reused, the water to clean them is, too. The container still gets clean, and we get thorough use out of our greywater before it goes down the drain. This is how responsibly cleaned and reused IBCs reduce the overall water footprint of your business. No matter what was in them before, your cleaned IBCs will be as good as new – ready to store or ship anything, from chemicals to paints to adhesives.

The bigger your water footprint, the bigger your responsibility, which is why companies must take the lead when it comes to water conservation. But we all have a part to play: businesses and individuals must take steps forward together in sustainability.

A good place for individuals to start is by calculating your household’s water footprint. This will provide clarity on where you use water the most. (Typically, it’s the bathroom.) Then, pick one or two changes to make. Start simple, like shaving a minute off your shower time. If you’re really motivated, you can create your own greywater recycling system to reuse clean water from household appliances in other parts of your home. This saves households up to 40,000 gallons per year (and saves on the water bill as well).

But, back to business: single-use barrels simply aren’t sustainable for companies in need of bulk shipping and storage. IBCs are reusable option, and therefore the greener option over outdated barrels. Whether you first commit to more sustainable practices in your company or at home, every bit helps our planet be a little healthier for everyone.