At Premier Container, you can place your order via email, fax, or by telephone. Payment options include credit card, wire transfer, money order, and personal check. See below for details on each payment option.
PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept C.O.D. orders.

Premier Container accepts credit cards including American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. We will not bill your credit card until we ship your order. Partial orders are billed as each item is shipped however, all shipping and handling fees will be billed when first item ships.

Please be aware that once we receive credit card authorization, the funds will be reserved up to 30 days depending on the bank and may reduce the available credit (please check the policy of your lending institution). Also, if you are paying with a debit card, please verify with your bank if there are limitations pertaining to daily withdrawls on your card. Premier Container reserves the right to request additional identification. If this is needed, we will contact you by e-mail or telephone. Your order will be processed as soon as we receive the requested information by e-mail or fax.

If you prefer to order by phone, please call Sales at 1-800-230-7132. You may also email sales with any questions.

Money Orders and Personal Checks

We accept money orders in U.S. dollars from both United States and international banks. You will need to contact our Customer Service department to complete your order.

We accept checks from U.S. banks with the orders totaling more than $100.00 (U.S. dollars). Please note that this payment method is considerably slower than ordering using a credit or debit card. To place your order, please call 1-800-230-7132. Once you have placed the order by phone, mail your check to:

Premier Container
4500 Crayton Ave.
Cleveland,OH, 44127

Tax Exempt Purchases
If you are a tax exempt entity please contact us at 1-800-230-7132 prior to placing your order. Please be prepared to submit your government issued tax exempt credit card and/or tax exempt form via fax or email.
If you have questions on payment methods, please click here to email us, or give us a call at 1-800-230-7132.