Our Commitment to Excellence Ensures your Peace of Mind


“We start with the preface that the quality of a customer’s experience is the most important key to success in our business. From there, we have made and continue to make, significant investments in people and technology that allow us to continually set the benchmark for the best customer experience and quality of work, in the intermediate bulk container industry.”

-Mike Hanzak, President

Our Foundation

As you consider your service providers, I would like to highlight specific attributes of our business that can bring value to your organization. Premier Container was established to bring innovative and sustainable solutions to the IBC/Tote Industry, driven by a team with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. We pride ourselves on having a unique focus on quality, innovation, and sustainability, and our hands-on approach enables us to develop a proprietary process that provides exceptional quality and service to a market that has historically lacked these value-add services. We continually invest in critical skills and technology in order to set the highest standards in the industry for customer service and quality.

Importantly, Premier Container is one of the very few privately-held companies remaining in the industry, which allows us to focus our efforts on quality and customer service rather than the bottom line. We understand that turn-around time is critical in this industry and we are uniquely positioned to achieve high-quality servicing and promptly return your totes so you can maximize your performance. Our efficiency, speed and service goals to meet your needs are unmatched by the competition.

Core Values:

Partnership: To work with our customers effectively, we must develop strong relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Only by partnering and collaborating with our customers to address their challenges and needs, can we truly be viewed and valued as an extension of our customer’s team.


The customer experience is at the heart of everything we do. A company that cares about their customer’s experience will develop values from the customer’s perspective. Customer Service isn’t about how you deal with customers, it’s about how they deal with you.


We support employee training and a culture of continuous improvement. We believe that a learning organization is better able to develop distinctive areas of expertise, adapt more easily to changing circumstances and become truly exceptional.


Each member of our team is critical to the overall success of our company. By holding everyone accountable for their specific responsibilities, we deliver consistent quality and exceptional service to our customers.


We continuously strive to redefine the standards of excellence in every aspect of our business. We differentiate ourselves by constantly creating new and innovative ways to improve our customer’s experience.

Your Industry

The intermediate bulk container cleaning process will not be the same for every industry or every company, we welcome the education that is given to us from our customers. Individual company and Industrial education has allowed us to be more innovative. If you have a bulk container problem in your industry, we’d welcome the opportunity to work with you to design the right solution.