Significant Six Must-haves for your IBC/Tote Service Provider

You have an industry where we’re always meeting new challenges. We understand that it’s tough to at times to meet production goals, project manage, and handle the other wrenches thrown in the mix. That’s why it’s so important to partner with an a Complete IBC/Tote Management Service. There are six solutions that any IBC/Tote management services must offer to make sure your covered with bulk packaging.

Cleaning services
Premier Container’s cutting-edge cleaning technique combines tried-and-true processes with cutting-edge technology. This enables us to conduct operations more efficiently while consuming less utilities, reducing our carbon footprint while maintaining our high quality standards.

IBC reconditioning allows for your company to be sustainable

Certification testing
Every tank we recondition undergoes a pressure test to reduce risks of leaks. DOT/UN certifications are produced and documented as required, and the documentation is given to the customer for their keeping.

Maintenance/repair services
The in-house repair facility at Premier Container offers specific sections for IBC/custom fabrication and painting. We inspect your IBCs for any damage, including leaks, broken parts, and other issues. Our highly skilled technicians execute all essential maintenance to resolve any difficulties. Each tote undergoes welding, part replacement, identifying plate tagging, and custom fabrications (if needed or requested) to verify that preventative maintenance meets our quality requirements and passes DOT or UN31A certification.

In-stock replacement parts
We have a vast selection of parts in stock, all of which have been picked precisely for our customers’ tanks and needs. Valves, gaskets, fittings, accessories, and other common replacement parts are all in stock. Premier Container also has specialized parts on hand to meet our customers’ needs. Custom sticker packages for specialist totes, such as ‘Dedicated/In house/Mixer totes/etc,’ and custom tote labeling programs are available (depending on the product being utilized) (Identification tags and others).

Inventory tracking
Our ERP system allows us to project manage and align with our customers so that we stay on task for quality control, tracking, stay in control with UN DOT compliance, and if need be to expedite orders. With this capability we are also able to report to our customers throughout the servicing process the condition of their IBC/Totes. Which allow them to save money by helping them to understand proper equipment care.

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Pick-up & Delivery
Premier Container has partnered with national transportation businesses for affordable shipping pricing that save our customers money, and we offer local collection through our in-house logistics staff.

Rental Option (Bonus)
Premier Container has a long history of renting stainless steel IBCs and one of the industry’s largest rental fleets. To meet your company needs, we have a flexible rental program that includes both short- and long-term rentals.

If you are missing out on any of these solutions for your IBC/Tote needs, Contact us for consultation.