Nitric Acid Stainless Steel Tote & Drum Maintaining Stainless Totes: Outside Matters

Stainless steel totes receive a lot of punishment because of the environments they are used in, mishandling or neglect. Stainless totes used for Nitric Acid are exceptionally at risk due to the staining properties of Nitric Acid. These stainless totes and drums are a considerable investment, and should be properly maintained to maximize that investment over time.

Aside from high quality interior cleaning, exterior maintenance can add substantial value to the fleet. Premier Container offers a proprietary Stainless Shield service that strips stains and residue from the exterior of stainless steel totes and restores them to near-original condition with a protective shield against future damage. How can this help you?

  1. Optimize Your Assets
    Get longer life from totes with proper surface care. This Stainless Shield service provides not only a refresh on the exterior appearance of stainless totes, but also added protection against future spills and stains. With this durable process, most liquids will bead and roll off the surface, as opposed to sticking and staining the tote.
  2. Increase Resale Value
    Value is not just in the number but in the image of the fleet. Clean, well maintained totes will maximize the resale value of the fleet, particularly when compared with other options that are dirty, scuffed, scratched, or stained.
  3. Promote Proper Care of Equipment
    Newer looking totes influence better quality care within your organization. Staff handling these totes are more likely to take extra care with totes that are well maintained and will go the extra step to maintain that level of cleanliness throughout your processes. Promote a positive maintenance culture from within to maintain your fleet.
  4. Improve Your Image
    Perception is reality: when the packaging is appealing, your customers will see high-quality contents as well. These totes represent your product and company, so they need to look as good as your product performs. Try Stainless shield and see a renewed sense of confidence in your offering.

Premier Container’s proprietary Stainless Shield service is uniquely capable of delivering value to your business and assets. The next time you send your fleet out for cleaning and retest, ask Premier Container for our Stainless Shield service.