Premier Container

A Complete IBC Management Company

Our Comprehensive Cleaning Facilities offer:

  • Tote Reconditioning
  • Tote Repair
  • Tote Sale
  • Logistics Services
  • Certification
  • Fabrication Services
  • Accessories
  • IBC Tote rentals

If you are in the following industries:

  • Chemicals
  • Latex Resins
  • Paints/Finishes
  • Coatings
  • Petroleum-Based Products
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Glue
  • Adhesives

Give your business the best.

Our IBC/tote solutions are geared to help our customers focus on their core business initiative, rather than worry about tote cleaning/quality concerns.

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Premier Container IBC Solutions are geared toward the need of each customer, as opposed to a “one size fits all” approach. With specialized container management programs, we proficiently provide reconditioning, cleaning & repair to fit our customers’ requirements.

IBC Tote Tracking

Premier offers continuous tracking for our customers’ containers. Our tracking system allows us to provide “real-time” information on your assets. Our customers can rest assured that throughout the reconditioning and cleaning process, their IBCs are in good hands.

Container Repair

If your company’s stainless/carbon steel or aluminum containers are in need of repair or fabrication services, look no further than Premier Container. We welcome the opportunity to have our certified fabrication specialists assist with your tanks.

IBC Container Cleaning

Premier Container sets the standard on cleaning steel, aluminum, and plastic containers. Our process ensures removal of hazardous and nonhazardous materials without fail, all while promoting sustainability. We take immense pride with our pre-cleaning, pressurized washing, and detailed parts cleaning; contact us today and see the Premier Container difference.


Our goal is to provide the best solutions that positively impact your business. At Premier Container, quality never quits. Specific solutions require specific support.